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Biochar - Grounds for Optimism

Biochar is gaining increasing interest from respected scientists as research strongly suggests that it could be an eco-friendly way to substantially increase crop yields and also to be "Carbon Negative", i.e. to actually lock away atmospheric carbon for hundreds of years.

At Bradman Biochar, we believe Biochar may be the future of successful and sustainable farming - just look at the growth of our sunflowers! - and hope to promote it's use within compost for both domestic and industrial crops.

If you are looking to buy Biochar for use at home please refer to our suppliers list.

As a relatively new industry, scientists currently studying Biochar are continually revealing more information regarding it's benefits as an eco-friendly organic and sustainable composting method.

The UK Biochar Research Centre offers an 'Assessment of the benefits and issues associated with the application of Biochar to Soil' and continues to announce developments regarding their vital research.

Read more about Edinburgh University's Ground Breaking Research (June 2011) that may help solve global warming.

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